mandag den 8. september 2014

SharePoint 2013 CAML Designer

When integrating SharePoint with Project Server I very often need to create some CAML query to filter/order/select list items.
To write the CAML query by hand can be quite timeconsuming. And you almost certain need an application to design the query for you.

There is a lot of applications out there to do this, but in my oppinion the best application by far is CAML Designer 2013.

Simply start the application and type in the site URL where the list is located.

Click the connect button and start designing your CAML.

Super easy!!

The application also works for SharePoint Online and Project Online.

The application can be downloaded from the website, simply go to and download the click-once offline package.

Other applications that have the same or similar funktionality:

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  1. I have recently created CAML Query designer based on my own requirements and I am giving that as an utility for free. Hope this will help SharePoint developers in better way.