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Project Server Read Only Custom Fields

There are multiple ways to create read only custom fields in Project Server 2007/2010/2013. The most common way is through Javascript and a Content Editor Web part
(see: http://technicaltrix.blogspot.dk/2014/10/project-server-read-only-custom-fields.html).

Another more simple way is to use the build in custom fields in Project Server. The downside in this solution is that it is not as flexible as the javascript solution, however it can easily solve the most common scenarios.

Read only custom field - through standard functionality

Assume we have a custom field "Project SAP Number", this field is maintained by the PMO and we do not want the project managers to change it.
We would then create a new calculated custom field.
Go to the PWA and navigate to Server Settings->Enterprise Custom Fields and Lookup Tables.
Click on New Field.
Name the new field "Project SAP Number (Read Only)" and select "Project" in Entity, "Text" in Type and "Formula" in Custom Attributes (see below).
In the Enter formula type the name of the custom field you want to be read only, surrounded by brackets. In our case it's [Project SAP Number].
Click Save.

Now navigate to the PDP where you want the read only field to be displayed. Edit the PDP and modify the Project Fields web part.
Add the "Project SAP Number (Read Only)" field.
Click OK, OK and Stoop Editing.
The field is now read only on the selected PDP.

Note: If you like you can have a PDP only viewable for the PMO with the actual "Project SAP Number" field, this way the PMO can view and edit the field and project managers can only view the field.
The trick is simply to limit the SharePoint permissions so only the PMO can see this PDP.

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