lørdag den 16. marts 2013

Surface Pro

--==Used the Surface Pro for one week==--

I just received my Surface with Windows Pro a week ago and wanted to share my experience.

I live in Denmark so I got a friend to pick it up for me. I did not want a keyboard from the states because of the Danish specific keys. Fortunately, I could buy a type cover for the Surface RT that also works for the Surface Pro.

I am going to use the Surface Pro for Email, Notes, Remote Desktop, Games, Visual Studio.

I could only get the 64 GB model because the 128 GB model were sold out. Logically with 64 GB, the space is tight; therefore, I bought a 64 GB SD card. To my surprise, I can install some applications and games on the SD card, some not. I tried with the following applications:

-          MS Office Project 2013

-          Red Alert

-          Battlefield Heroes

--==Initial impressions==--

The keyboard works almost as expected. The buttons are a little small and I do some typos. The trackpad is annoying but the pen is a good replacement and I use an external mouse a lot for regular work.

Power vise I have been positively surprised. For surfing and watching videos, the power lasts really long. I did not time it but it feels long, though not as long as the iPad. The sleep mode also works really well, only used 3% power after been asleep for 10 hours.

If I start to play games or do other heavy work the power drains like a normal notebook, 3-4 hours before I have to plug it to power.

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